The Chain Reaction



  1. Incarnation (Prologue)
  2. A New Self
  3. Whipping Soul
  4. The Torn Off Wing Of The Butterfly
  5. Take Me Home
  6. The Night At The Opera
  7. The Altar Of Trust
  8. Those Days Are Always Rainy
  9. Trinity (The New Consensus)
  10. The Tree Of Life
  11. Breeze In The Leaves (Epilogue)

Second album of the band, who wield a sound that meshes symphonic, progressive and speed elements into one very convincing power metal approach. ‘The Chain Reaction’ is a concept album about karma with Biblical and sci-fi elements. Features a guest appearance from Adagio keyboardist Kevin Codfert.

Synopsis :
«Soul COTÐM-52899 reached its limit. Everytime they send him back down to Earth, they promise that this mortal life will be the last one, next time he will be led to paradise.But 52899 doesn’t believe them anymore, and this resentment grows as every separation with his soulmate 7237 in the human world is painful…»

Number of tracks : 11
Total running time : 60 min.
Produced by ANTHROPIA
Recording : Artmusic Studio, Nice
Mix : François Merle, Manigance Studio
Mastering : Tommy Hansen at JailHouse Studio
Cover Design : Irokkoi Agency
French release date : 02/16/2009

©2009 Adarca Records

Album Reviews

"A new step for Anthropia towards the higher spheres of prog metal… Congrats!"
Rock Hard (8,5/10, Album of the month)